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Fans can rest in peace: Villa to put the "dead" in January transfer deadline

Clive Mason/Getty Images

We'd already heard today that Aston Villa weren't going to be making any January transfer deadline day moves. But that was a BBC guy. What does he know? Maybe something would happen and we'd all have a move to talk about.

Well, it might be time to give up hope. The Birmingham Mail are now reporting that Villa are done for the day as well.

Boss Paul Lambert and his recruitment team have been constantly assessing both short and long-term targets but the typically-inflated fees that January bring have put Villa off.

Well, I mean, you can't be angry at the logic here. Moves made at the deadline are likely to be overly expensive and can also be pretty risky. The club have already permanently brought in Carles Gil and added Scott Sinclair on loan. That's a great window, all things considered.

But it's hard not to be disappointed that there isn't something going on today. Villa haven't scored in 612 minutes, they got drubbed yesterday, and pretty much anything would help to take our minds off of how bad they've become lately. The desire for a deadline day move isn't a logical one, but it's a very real desire nonetheless.

If anything pops up, though, you can be sure we'll cover it. If only because we'd planned for a busy day!