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Villa to make late Izco bid?

It could be nothing, but it might be something..

Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

A number of sites are starting to report that Aston Villa will consider a late bid for Chievo's Mariano Izco, following a small hint of interest last week.

Tuttomercatoweb believe that Villa will bite the bullet and make a bid for the Argentine midfielder before the closing of the transfer window tonight. It's the vaguest article I have ever seen, but the Carles Gil move got started off exactly the same 140 characters from a European reporter and a week later, Villa ended up with a new midfielder.

Izco would be welcome in our team, especially if Tom Cleverley scurries back to Manchester United to play with the reserves until Everton decide to fall for the 'he's quite good, seriously' ploy and pay him £45k a week to do nothing. It's been a slow deadline today, even by Aston Villa's previous standards, but Izco iz (sic) certainly a intriguing option for Paul Lambert, especially after yesterday's capitulation.