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Manchester United make threat that could be a blessing in disguise

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Aston Villa have made it clear that they will not pay the absolutely ridiculous £7 million required to secure the services of Tom Cleverley as a permanent player. This means that Manchester United are going to be without £7 million that, a couple of months ago, seemed like a sure thing. Try a little mental experiment. Pretend that you've known you're going to be given £7 million and then imagine your reaction when you find out you won't be. Probably something along the lines of sorrow or desperation, right?

Well good, you're just like Manchester United, who have resorted to empty threats in an attempt to get money from the Cleverley situation:

Alright then, United. Take him back. Cleverley hasn't been playing well for Aston Villa for over a month. In fact, he's been pretty bad. If you take him away, it removes one of Paul Lambert's bad decisions and makes room for better players like Ashley Westwood, Leandro Bacuna, or new signing Scott Sinclair.

And if you take him away, where are you going to play him? Do you really want Tom Cleverley coming into your midfield, United? When you're playing so well? I'm not going to say this is a bluff, because United might actually do it. But it sure as heck is a dumb threat to make. Pull the trigger on this and you hurt yourself and help Villa. So do it, United. Please.