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One Moment: Paul Lambert finally gets something right

But it definitely wasn't the game plan.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

You're right Paul. Your team did throw in the towel on Sunday.

One Moment: Villa totally humiliated

I said 3-0 before the game. Arsenal lived up to their great form and would have beaten the best Villa could throw at them. But god almighty did we make it easy for them. I'll blame naïvety and a poor game plan for the first couple of goals but after about 60 minutes nobody cared. The amount of space we gave Arsenal to play around the box had me laughing in disbelief. Previously anonymous cogs in the game completely stopped turning.

Sadly I can't get by this week without pointing out some ridiculous decisions from the man 'in charge'. Firstly: high line and play out from the back against that counter attack? Are you nuts? Secondly, Villa out of the game at 3-0 down and being overrun with extreme ease in midfield. What did Lambert do? Bring on 2 forwards and take another man out of the midfield battle. The game was so obviously gone. We so clearly needed the damage limitation of Westwood and Bacuna. Lambert pushed the game even further towards Cazorla, Özil and co.

Players worth a mention



Who is going to step up to save us from relegation this time? On this evidence, the players look just as jaded as most of the fans (and the manager). The battling spirit that has just about kept us in the league until now is evaporating. On paper the quality is there but in this form, showing that kind of attitude, we're as likely as anyone to drop.

This weekend we took the step from shambolic embarrassment to outright disgrace. I'm not sure how much more we can all tolerate.