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How to follow Villa's 2015 FA Cup quarter-final draw online

Aston Villa have made their way into the sixth round of the FA Cup thanks to their win over Leicester City. Here's how you can follow along online as we find out their next opponents.

Clive Mason/Getty Images

By beating Leicester City 2-1 yesterday at Villa Park, Aston Villa have assured themselves of a place in the FA Cup quarter-finals (or sixth round if you're the FA and a little bit boring). They're just one win away from a trip to Wembley in the semi finals, and while the chances of drawing a tough opponent are higher this round than last, it's easily the most winnable cup in years.

And lurking as potential opponents are a few choice pairings. Villa could exorcise their late-stage-of-a-Cup demons by getting (and beating) Bradford City. Or, they could draw West Bromwich Albion and get to play a fierce derby twice in less than a week. There is also the chance that they could get one of the remaining lower-league sides (Reading, Blakburn Rovers, or possibly Preston North End).

We'll also find out where Villa will be playing the match. They've been lucky to have the first three matches at Villa Park, and it would be great to see that run continue for their final chance. Regardless, at this point in a single-knockout tournament anything can happen. And isn't it nice to feel that Villa could actually be on the good side of an "anything can happen" for once?

How to follow the quarter-final draw

When: 7:30 PM GMT

Television: BBC 1

Twitter: This is probably the easiest way to follow along. The go-to account is, of course, that of the FA.

Live text: The BBC will have live-text updates of the draw. While their story is not yet up, you can bookmark their FA Cup page.

Streaming: If you don't mind a probable late start and being 30-60 seconds behind everyone on twitter, the FA will stream the draw on YouTube.

Ball numbers: The balls will be drawn from a bag, and here are the numbers so you know exactly who is who:

  1. Liverpool
  2. Arsenal
  3. Aston Villa
  4. West Bromwich Albion
  5. Bradford City
  6. Blackburn Rovers
  7. Reading
  8. Manchester United or Preston North End


Who do you hope to see Villa draw for the sixth round? Let us know in the comments!

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