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Tim Sherwood takes charge at Aston Villa

Tim Sherwood is Aston Villa's new manager.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Aston Villa have wasted no-time in appointing the successor to Paul Lambert and have today announced that it will be none other than Tim Sherwood, who will lead Villa for the coming future.

Tim Sherwood has cut a very divisive figure during his time in football and his appointment at Villa Park will likely split the fans due to certain rumours and opinions, especially from Tottenham fans, who had a spell with Sherwood not too long ago that left a lot of the club's fans quite happy to see the back of him.

There had of course been rumours in the past few months that Sherwood had been lurking around Villa Park, which may hint at some 'foul play' by the management at the club and in light of all that's been said and done in the past few months, it's likely that Tom Fox had been looking at Sherwood for a while.

In any case, Tim Sherwood is the man we will need to get behind, no matter what as Aston Villa face a serious battle against relegation and at this point in time, look likely to go down.

Good luck Tim!