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Mourinho rubbishes requests to leave Chelsea for Villa

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Last Friday we told you about the young Aston Villa fan who was eager to recruit Jose Mourinho away from Chelsea. To recap: Jude Branson wrote the Chosen One a letter asking for him to manage Villa and, oh yeah, to bring Diego Costa along for the ride. It was an earnest letter, handwritten, and we thought it had every chance of success.

Unfortunately, Mourinho has laid to rest any ideas that he might be headed to B6 and adding a little claret to his already blue wardrobe. Jude has gotten his response, though in typical Mourinho fashion it ignores the question at hand while putting all the attention on Jose. Instead of a letter in return, Jude has been sent an autographed picture of Jose.

Alas. It was always a longshot, but I think we ought to send our thanks to Jude for trying to make a move on behalf of the club that could have totally altered our fortunes. At least one Villa fan is showing the ambition we wish the club had.