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Klinsmann as second-favorite for the Villa job is laughable

Jürgen Klinsmann is second-favorite for the Villa job at many betting parlors which is downright hilarious.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

This is probably set to change as more and more money comes flowing into the market but as of now, United States manager Jürgen Klinsmann is second-favorite at many betting sites to become the next manager at Aston Villa.

If I could just laugh instead of writing the rest of this, I'd love to.

Granted, Klinsmann's relationship with US Soccer right now isn't probably the greatest — especially as player after player comes back to Major League Soccer, a league he seemingly can't stop slating — but he's fundamentally got a pretty good gig. He's in a country he loves where he's pretty much in charge of trying to overhaul a lot of what happens in this sport in the States.

And despite his constant feuds with America's top league, I just don't see Klinsmann walking away from a project that he's only a few years into.

And that's why I laugh every time Klinsmann is linked with a job in England. Because I highly doubt he leaves what he has for the uncertain, harsh world of the Premier League. You know, the world where it's a miracle if you stay in the same place for two years. He's pretty much got a certain job in Sunil Gulati's eyes.

But it's even funnier when people think he'd come to Villa.

Aston Villa don't spend money. They don't bring in top players. They're up for sale. They're an absolute mess.

As a club, Aston Villa are as uncertain as anything can be.

The concept that Klinsmann would just give away his spot in charge of, well, a lot of things in the United States?

It has to be a joke, right?