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Instant Reaction: Aston Villa make me feel numb and dead

Why do you do this Aston Villa

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

As the first half ended in Villa's crucial matchup against Norwich, I was going to run with the headline: 'Villa are bad'.

Why? because they were. Aston Villa headed into this match needing a win but you could have mistaken them for a Sunday League side. Let's break that statement down - Kieran Richardson didn't burst into a run once and instead tried speculative shots from his holding midfield position, Ciaran Clark was caught out for Norwich's goal and looked pedestrian for the entirety of the first half. Don't get me started on Alan Hutton, who seemed as though he was on LSD or another substance during the match. I think he forgot he was a footballer as he regularly seemed out of his depth and out of position. I actually spent the entire break looking at Hutton's wikipedia page to make sure he was a footballer.

The first half as well have been a boot stamping on my face. It's not been common that they perform so badly under Remi Garde, but a forgettable Norwich team held them under the cosh for the first forty five minutes.

Adama, Grealish and Gestede couldn't save Aston Villa in the second half and you'd think I'd be lying when I say there was no improvement from Villa after those changes. I'm not, they looked just as hopeless.

The worst thing about this match was the fact that Norwich won by performing just as badly as Aston Villa. If Villa are getting beat by bad teams, how the hell do they expect to get their first win in 18 games?

Hope does remain, no match can be as bad as this one. It's impossible for a man like Remi Garde to look at this match and not make tactical changes for the next match. We can also look forward to the return of Cissokho and Bennett which means that Hutton might be removed from the starting eleven. Aston Villa will need to become a new football club from January the 1st if they are to stay but, but that's not likely. Not anymore.