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Conflicting Agbonlahor exit rumors surface

Agbonlahor has struggled this season up front, leading to much speculation over a possible exit in January. Reports over the weekend indicated he is indeed available for purchase, but Agbonlahor himself has tried to squash such rumors.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Aston Villa's leading Premier League goalscorer Gabriel Agbonlahor may be on his way out this January, if reports are to be believed. A report in this weekend's Sun indicated that he will be allowed to leave for £3 million in January, with three possible suitors from the United Arab Emirates excited about the possibility of bringing Villa's 29 year old striker in. Agbonlahor's recent performances have indicated that his previous goal-scoring standards have escaped him, although he still possesses the incredible pace which once made him such an exiting prospect. Agbonlahor was in-favor during the reign of Tim Sherwood, who placed considerable emphasis on Premier League experience and physicality - but Remi Garde's ideas of what is important have proven to be much different than Sherwood's, and Agbonlahor may remain out of favor for the considerable future.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that it may be best for both parties if Agbonlahor were to depart, Gabby himself seems to have different ideas. On Instagram, Agbonlahor posted a comment which is as black-and-white as it gets.

It seems that Agbolahor has no doubts about his desire to stay at the Villa, but it may come to a situation where he has no other option than to leave. What do you think? Let us know!