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If Aston Villa are going to get relegated, let's do it in style

Because how much worse can it get?

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Things look bad. Very bad. Aston Villa are on pace to finish with 13 points. That is horrendous, but somehow not the lowest total in Premier League history. Derby County's record of 11 is going to be hard to beat. But if there's any team that can do it, it might be Aston Villa.

Let me make it clear that I don't want Villa to get relegated. I don't even think they're as bad as their point total. They are bad, but five through 14 games is ridiculous. With all that said, if Aston Villa are going to get relegated this season, let's do it in style: set the record for the lowest point total.

Even the biggest Villa optimists have to admit that this is going to be difficult to get out of. It's possible, but every week that goes by without a win digs us down further. So, if this is going to happen, I want it to happen in the dumbest way possible.

Right now, every loss hurts. But the longer this run goes, the funnier it will become. Right now it hurts because it feels like we should have a chance to stay up. But if we keep losing, the quicker the relegation will happen, and then it will be funny.

Maybe you don't find it funny, and that's a perfectly valid opinion to have. Personally, I find funny sport to be better than good sport. I would much rather see a 5-5 draw with comical defending and own goals going in off people's faces than a well played 2-2, but I'm weird. I don't normally hold this opinion in regards to my teams losing, but I'm getting close with Villa. This is already pretty dumb.

Normally, I don't like being the laughing stock, but Villa are already there. How much worse can it get? Yes, we'll have to deal with annoying West Brom and Birmingham City supporters. But those people are already all up in your mentions being dumb, even at the best of times for Villa.

Again, I'd prefer to not get relegated, but if we're going to? Let's finish with ten points. C'mon everyone, it'll be funny.