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Garde challenges N'Zogbia's work ethic as Newcastle clash looms

Charles N'Zogbia has been a polarizing figure at Aston Villa for a long time, having been on the suspected bad sides of many recent managers, but Remi Garde has just offered the most damning criticism yet.

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

In a recent conversation with the press, Remi Garde offered a scathing criticism towards French midfielder Charles N'Zogbia. Following a 2-0 loss to Arsenal and a 3-2 loss to Watford, (both matches in which N'Zogbia was absent), Garde had this to say: 

"Charles could have given more to the team in the first two or three weeks  after I came.
Charles is not the worst person I have ever met. I am just here to try and pick up the players I feel are the most committed for this very difficult task we have. I am not saying Charles is a bad person. Sometimes it doesn't work between players and clubs, players and managers."
While N'Zogbia did appear in two of Garde's first matches (Manchester City home and Everton away) it sounds as if Garde may have seen all he needs to. He is looking for players who are going to fight till the final whistle, and Charles N'Zogbia does not remotely fit that description. While Garde still struggles to find his footing in England, it looks as if he will pull no punches in the media - but let's just hope that Villa start picking up points on the pitch.