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Podcast: Villa head to Newcastle in hopes of a win

Arsenal handed Villa another loss, and Jack and James (briefly) discuss that, the upcoming Newcastle game, and a few other topics on the latest Holtecast.

Clive Mason/Getty Images

After Arsenal gave Aston Villa the loss we all expected, it's another must-win game for Rémi Garde's men this week as Villa head north to Newcastle. While the Magpies aren't a great team, they have won their last two. Wins over Liverpool and Tottenham have given Steve McClaren's team some much-needed points as well as confidence, two things that Villa sorely need.

Robert is out of town, so James returned to partner Jack on this week's episode. In addition to the matches, we discussed Gabby Agbonlahor partying with Arsenal players just hours after the defeat, whether Libor Kozák will get a chance or will just be sold in January and answer some hilarious Twitter questions (like the impact of pedestrianising the Norwich city centre!) posed by our readers and listeners. Who doesn't love a little Horse Punch?

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