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WATCH: Brad Guzan stops a Raheem Sterling header WITH HIS FACE

Brad Guzan didn't have the best day in goal, but this save was pretty great.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Brad Guzan had yet another tough day in goal for Aston Villa. With his first goal/free-kick in front of new manager Rémi Garde, he booted it out of bounds. A few seconds before this clip, he had absolutely botched a Aleksandar Kolarov free-kick and was lucky that no City players were anywhere near the rebound.

But then? Then he went ahead and prevented Raheem Sterling from making it a 0-1 match by stopping a header. How? Well, by accidentally getting his face in front of the ball.

I'm still unsure if that should count as a save. Clearly, Sterling should have sent the ball to one side or the other and he could have had an easy goal, but this was both better for Villa and far more hilarious.

And for as much as I didn't love Guzan's day in goal, he did get a clean sheet against the best team in England right now. That's a pretty good rebuttal.