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Everton vs. Aston Villa final score: Villa look their absolute worst

Aston Villa have been soundly beaten by Everton in their return to action after the international break.

Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

According to the schedule, Aston Villa travelled to Goodison Park today to play Everton. I watched the match, and I can say with some confidence that, while there were 11 people wearing Villa's kit on the pitch, there is no way that Villa themselves could have travelled. Over the course of 90 minutes, Everton put on a clinic against a bunch of claret-and-blue-clad practice dummies.

Let's sum things up as neatly as is possible:

Ross Barkley - Goal, 17'

Romelu Lukaku - Goal, 28'

Ross Barkley - Goal, 42'

Romelu Lukaku - Goal, 59'

Aston Villa - No goals, Ever

And the scoreline, somehow, flatters Villa a bit. They had one (possibly two) decent chances, and nothing beyond that. The club who held Manchester City to a goalless draw two weeks ago couldn't even hold onto the ball today. Possession ended somewhere in the 60-40 range, favoring Everton. Villa never looked like much of a threat, and the terrible play was spread well across the team.

Particular lowlights, though, came from Kieran Richardson, who was absolutely terrible and managed to make Gerard Deulofeu look like a world-beater. I'd say that Richardson was partially at fault for at least three of the goals, and I wouldn't argue if you said it was all four.

Brad Guzan, too, was pretty awful. Particularly on the last goal, where he had multiple chances to hold onto the ball and never did. The worst part? There is no one on the team right now who is better than either of those players. So it seems as if both are probably safe on this squad.

There's not much else to say. Villa looked at their absolute worst. Next weekend is Watford at home, though. A win or a draw against Everton was always unlikely. The fact that this was so bad makes it hurt more, but if the season is to be saved, it will have to happen in matches like we get next week. Turn it around, Rémi. Next weekend is where you can start to save us.