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7500 snubbed (!) at FBAs, but we all became Friends of Jake

In a night that saw us lose an award, we all got a bigger prize.

First, the sad new: 7500 to Holte won neither the judges' nor fans' choice awards at the Football Blogging Awards. Nevertheless, thank you SO MUCH to everyone who voted for us. It was an absolute joy to see so many folks thinking we deserved it.

Also, our most sincere congratulations go out to our sister blog Barca Blaugranes, who do amazing work covering (obviously) Barcelona here on the SB Nation network.

But that's not why I'm here. I'm here to make sure that we NEVER FORGET the amazing tale of Jake and the barber that a (possibly drunken) James told us tonight. It is far better than any award I could have ever been given. And it makes me glad I didn't take James' initial advice:

Anyhow, onto the story. I have left in several interruptions because they really make it better.

We are all #FriendsOfJake