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Jordan Amavi ruled out for the rest of the 15/16 Premier League season

Get well soon, Jordan.

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Aston Villa's bid for Premier League survival has been dealt a huge blow with today's news that Jordan Amavi will be on the injury table for the rest of the 2015/2016 season. Jordan Amavi's scans on his injured knee have resulted in confirmation that the young defender has a ruptured ACL in his right knee.

Amavi sustained the terrible injury during an U21 match against Northern Ireland. Below you can see various tweets and descriptions of the actual event, and as they say - a picture speaks a thousand words. Needless to say, it looked as bad as we now know it to be. Amavi's knee seemingly detached from his leg for a brief moment.

The following video is pretty gross, so obviously watch it at your own discretion.

As concerned as I am about Aston Villa's future left-back (hint: It will be Kieran Richardson as Premier League squad registration rules will not allow for Villa to call back and register Cissokho or Bennett until January), I am more concerned and worried about the career of one of Aston Villa's brightest talents. Get well soon Jordan and come back to be the player you were always meant to be.