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Villa's Amavi leaves France U-21 match with gruesome-looking leg injury

Jordan Amavi had to be stretchered off after sustaining a right leg injury while playing for the French Under-21 team.

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

Jordan Amavi has just gotten his starting spot back for Aston Villa with Rémi Garde in as the club's new manager. In one match against Manchester City he looked pretty good and it was great to see him take back the spot that he should have ahead of Kieran Ricahrdson. But his return to regular first-team football may have to wait.

Playing for the French Under-21 team against Northern Ireland, Amavi went down in the second half with an injury that many observers are reporting was to his right knee. We don't know the severity yet, but numerous people who have seen it are using words like "horrible" and "horrendous." And while diagnosing an injury from a picture is something we should probably avoid, the look of agony coupled with the look of the knee in these two tweets is not encouraging:

And this video makes me think that a knee injury is almost certainly what happened. (WARNING: THIS IS GROSS. WATCH AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION.)

We do know for certain that Amavi was stretchered off and replaced in the match. It seems likely that, at the very least, he'll be missing at least a few weeks. And if the early reports and video are any indication, it could be much more than that.