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Lets remember some good Aston Villa memories

Because things haven't always been bad and they won't be bad forever.

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One of my favorite football songs is the "Lets pretend we've scored a goal." I'm all for finding humor in bad sporting performances. Because things aren't going to be bad forever. Or will they? Oh please don't let Aston Villa be awful forever.

Q: Things are still bad. Just tell us about a good Aston Villa memory.


Best Aston Villa memory? It's got to be when we sunk the Bluenoses 5-1. There's nothing better than getting one over the rivals. Well, except smashing them in front of a hungry Villa Park!


Remember Villa beating Liverpool at Wembley? First trip back to the great stadium in years and Villa are hard-up against a Liverpool team that are doing everything they can to get Stevie G his birthday trip to the FA Cup final. We should've been trounced. It should have been something like what we saw at the final. And when Coutinho fired Liverpool ahead in the 30th minute, it felt for a second that it might be.

But then Christian Benteke (simply typing "Christian Benteke" could have been my answer this week) pulled us even in the 36th and [name redacted] gave us the winner in the 54th. And Wembley rang out with the voices of thousands of Villans, and the sky was blue, and birds sang, and it was all going to finally turn around at our beloved club.


Any time Aston Villa win can be classed as a good memory to me, so naturally I was drawing a blank for a good while here. It's also quite depressing to think about how many recent good memories can be attributed to players who are no longer at the club. So I'm going to go with the 2-1 win in the FA Cup over Leicester last year. Leicester lost, which is always amusing, and both Scott Sinclair and Leandro Bacuna scored which was nice. But mostly, because we beat Leicester when they were at their most disikeable. Am I bitter about more recent Leicester games? Absolutely.


Matt Lowton's wondergoal against Stoke a few years back was fun. I know I woke up my roommates when that winner went in, and I can only imagine what the Villa away end at that match would've been like.


Both my brother and best friend are Liverpool supporters, so when we beat them 3-1 at Anfield a couple years ago, I was a very happy fan that day. Rodgers had come out before the match saying Liverpool were going to finish in second, or something of that nature, and Villa spoiled the enthusiasm around Anfield to a certain extent.


It was fairly recent, even if it may seem like it was forever ago. Beating Sunderland 4-0 last spring. The win gave us real hope that Sherwood could do the job he was hired to do, and save us from relegation.


It's exceedingly recent, but as a fan of Villa I'm fairly recent (5ish years or so) as well. Beating Liverpool 2-1 in the FA Cup semifinal was, to use a colloquialism, awesomesauce. If this past Monday night's make-believe land (xbox FIFA) 1-0 win in the 1/16/16 match against Leicester is any kind of omen, that would be nice as well. Afobe had a spectacular 89th minute goal off of a Carles Gil assist.


Like Jack, I'll go with a Sunderland memory, but I've got that 6-1 win a couple years back as the one that really sticks out in my head. I was still in high school, and it was a weeknight game, which meant I was checking the score every few minutes on my phone during baseball practice — refreshing Twitter to see we'd scored again was a hell of a lot of fun, even if I didn't catch the game. Definitely a solid memory for me.


Tony. Moon.

The happiness was fleeting with him, but remembering him all alone on the break to put Arsenal on ice never fails to put a smile on my face.


The Aston Villa moment that probably made me the happiest in the moment was the 3-1 win over West Ham on the opening day of the 2010-11 season. Martin O'Neill had left just a few days before, but Villa came out and played like nothing had happened. They looked like the same Villa that had finished sixth the season before. Marc Albrighton was excellent. James Milner gave us a fantastic goodbye performance. We started the season with three points. And since then nearly everything has been bad.

So those are some happy memories, but lets here some more. Add in some of your favorites in the comments.