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Vote in the Football Blogging Awards to help Aston Villa win SOMETHING this year

7500 to Holte have been nominated in the Football Blogging Awards, and we would love your vote!

It's time for a bit of good news around this blog. In between all of the writing about Aston Villa losing (yet again) it's easy to get pretty down and forget that, at heart, we're just a bunch of people writing about sport and this whole process should be fun.

So it is my pleasure to announce that 7500 to Holte have been nominated for the Best Football Club Blog in the 2015 Football Blogging Awards. We're one of ten finalists in the category, and two awards will be given based on judges voting and fan voting. Needless to say, we're absolutely honored to be in the running, and we're honored to be named with so many other first-rate blogs.

Self-promotion is not usually my thing, but I'd like to take a moment to convince you to vote for us in the category.

Why were 7500 to Holte nominated?

There was a nomination process online that included fan voting and nomination forms. We must have somehow gotten enough votes or submissions to be considered. Honestly, I don't know the mechanisms behind the FBAs.

But as for why we might be considered, I'd like to submit that it's due largely to the incredible work of our writers. Every single day I am privileged to work with writers like Jack, James, Alex, Adam, Elis, Rory, Herbert, Brian, RJ, Thomas, and Matt. They are some of the most passionate fans I have ever met, and the fact that they are great writers is just the cherry on top. We'll have a post in the next week that lets you get to know them, but it's their hard work that has made 7500 what it is today.

Why should I vote for 7500 to Holte as the best Football Club Blog?

Vote for us because you like in-depth tactical analysis that goes above and beyond the thinking displayed by Tim Sherwood on the sidelines.

...because you want to see passionate defenses of Aston Villa fans in the face of withering criticism from the national media about a return to the dark ages.

...because we try, as best as we can, to give back to the Aston Villa community.

...because you want to know what it's like to be at Villa Park, and you like to realize that even when it seems like everything, the sport we follow is part of a larger world.

...because you value great match coverage, from quirky looks back a previous meetings, to Q&As with some of the smartest opposition fans out there, to day-before-the-match previews that give you all the storylines and information you need for match day.

...because if we can win this, maybe Aston Villa will win SOMETHING this year.

How do I vote?

It's easy! You can go to the FBA's website and choose us from the dropdown under Best Football Club Blog. Make sure to check your email after voting to verify that it really was you.

If that seems annoying (it is, sort of) you can vote via twitter. Simply click here or tweet (without quotations) "I'm voting in @TheFBAs for @7500toHolte as the Best Football #Club Blog".

Who else is up for this award?

I'm glad you asked! The FBAs do a lot of nice things, but their nominations page doesn't link to any of the other blogs. So here they are:

Anyone else I should vote for?

Well, that's up to you, but might we suggest Matthew Lynch of Read Aston Villa in the Best Young Football Blogger category? Matthew has done some excellent work, and getting more Aston Villa acknowledgement can only be a good thing!

Anything else?

Aside from one last thank you for helping to make this site such a joy to run? Nope! Now please, go vote!