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Did Aston Villa win without anybody noticing?

If Aston Villa won a game and no one saw it, did it even happen?

David Rogers/Getty Images

In this, the digital era in which we live in, finding the results of football matches isn't difficult. Or at least it shouldn't be. But Aston Villa's Under 21's played last night against Burnley, and from an Aston Villa perspective, the game didn't happen. Conspiracy? Who knows.

The above is the fixture list for the U21's. Note there is no fixture against Burnley. Odd. What's more, normally, the Club's Twitter feed posts live updates of the game, and AVTV subscribers can listen to Jack Woodward commentating on the games. If you check Villa's Twitter timeline from yesterday, there is no reference to the game, or even a match report. Essentially, from an Aston Villa perspective, the game didn't happen.

Now, I'm not crazy. The game did in fact take place, and this match report from Burnley's official site confirms it. But this makes it even weirder in my opinion. I can't find a squad list for the game, but it confirms that Jack Grealish, Libor Kozak, Phillipe Senderos, Joe Cole, Tiago Ilori, Jores Okore, Kieran Richardson, Leandro Bacuna and Adama Traore all featured.

So basically, a low level Premier League Aston Villa side played Burnley's U21's last night, and no one knew about it. They won too, as it happens. Jack Grealish scored a free kick and Leandro Bacuna scored a penalty as Villa won 2-1.

So why didn't we hear about it?

Looking at that picture (thanks again to Burnley for confirming its existence), it appears as though the game took place at Bodymoor Heath, Aston Villa's training complex. This therefore makes a bit more sense as to why we didn't hear about it, behind closed door friendlies aren't that uncommon. But if that was the case, why have Burnley given it coverage? The plot thickens.

I have a theory myself. Tim Sherwood wants the world to forget about Libor Kozak and Phillipe Senderos. Possibly even goalkepper Benjamin Siegrist too. I don't even feel safe mentioning their names. If people see the three of them uninjured, they could well call for Brad Guzan, Joleon Lescott and Rudy Gestede to be replaced in the first team by the trio. Now one of them, probably Lescott, is blackmailing Tim to keep them in the side, and so Tim continues with his baffling selection choices. Now, how do Burnley fit into this? Matt Lowton, somehow. See, it all makes sense. Somehow.

Even if we don't know why it happened, an Aston Villa team won a game this week. So this can only be good news, blackmailing plot aside.