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PODCAST: Sherwood sacking means we can talk about something other than losing!

Jack and Robert return for another week of the Holtecast!

David Rogers/Getty Images

Listen. We know it's not good news, per se, but we've got something very exciting in this week's Holtecast: talk of something other than a loss! Sure, it's the sacking of Tim Sherwood, and sure that sacking came as the result of another loss, but it's something different! Sometimes it's all about the little things in life.

We sit down to try and figure out who might be the next man in charge in B6, and we do so even while speculation is swirling about Remi Garde, formerly of Lyon, canceling his weekend TV appearances. What would the Frenchman mean for Aston Villa? Could he help? Could anyone at this point hurt?

You can find the video and audio streams of the Holtecast embedded right below here. If you'd prefer not to listen in your browser, subscribe to our YouTube channel or get the audio feed on basically any podcasting app that you can think of. Thanks, as always, for listening!

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