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Richards to avoid suspension for Swansea dispute

Villa captain Micah Richards faced the possibility of suspension following Saturday's game against Swansea City, but it appears the threat of suspension is no longer looming.

Malcolm Couzens/Getty Images

Following an on the pitch clash with Federico Fernandez in the first half of Aston Villa's contest against Swansea City Saturday afternoon, Micah Richards' dispute with Fernandez carried on after the final whistle with a skirmish in the tunnel. The tunnel was seen moving side to side, and the F.A. immediately announced that an investigation would follow. Some Villa fans, with the memory of harsh F.A. in the past (notably a excessive fine following the pitch invasion last term against West Brom), feared that Richards, one of Villa's most influential players thus far, would miss one or more future matches.

This, however, doesn't seem to be the case as the F.A. has charged Richards with 'improper conduct' but has refrained from suspending the centre half. With the recent sacking of manager TIm Sherwood, Richards' role has a leader has increased exponentially, so his continued presence on the pitch is vital. Villa seem to have dodged a bullet on this occasion, but there will be plenty more to dodge should the claret and blue retain its place as a Premier League team.