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Aston Villa set to pay Sherwood multi-million pound compensation package

Aston Villa will have to pay for the honor of sacking Tim Sherwood.

Malcolm Couzens/Getty Images

For the second time this year, Aston Villa are expected to hand a £2 million compensation package to a newly-sacked manager. Just eight months after giving Paul Lambert approximately that amount after terminating his four-year contract early, Aston Villa will dole out the same to Tim Sherwood after doing exactly the same thing. The amount may drop if Sherwood can find a job in the next year, though it's not immediately clear how the payout will be structured.

Nevertheless, Aston Villa gave a big contract to a manager and have paid for it almost immediately. Last year Lambert was renewed for four years early in the season and then began a slide that would contribute to his eventual downfall. Then the club used a similar deal to entice Tim Sherwood to sign as manager. In the short term, the deal worked out, as Sherwood helped to save Villa from relegation. But it became increasingly evident that he'd have to go this season, and Villa have opted to pay the price.

To be fair to Sherwood, simply by keeping the club in the Premier League last year he probably made more than enough money to cover the £2 million compensation package. Still, it always sucks to watch the team pay money to make someone go away. How about we don't sign our next manager to a four-year deal?