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MacDonald expected to manage Aston Villa against Southampton, Spurs

Kevin MacDonald will be in charge of Aston Villa until they get a new manager.

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

For the second time in Aston Villa history, Kevin MacDonald will take over as caretaker manager. With Tim Sherwood out as of this morning and no replacement hired quite yet, MacDonald is expected to be in charge as Aston Villa travel to Southampton on Wednesday and Tottenham Hotspur on Monday.

MacDonald had his first stint in charge of Villa in the aftermath of Martin O'Neill's sudden resignation in August 2010. He expressed a desire to have the job full time, but the club hired Gerard Houllier instead. In 2013 he took charge of Swindon Town before returning as an assistant manager when Tim Sherwood was hired in February of this year. Sherwood then "demoted" MacDonald and replaced him with Ray Wilkins over the summer.

But now Wilkins and Sherwood are gone and the Scot is once again in charge of the club. He seems to be well-liked by players and never seemed to be a bad choice (heck his 7-9-10 record as a manager would be the sort of pace Villa might be able to survive on). But there is no indication that MacDonald will have any chance at making the job permanent, so this is something that we'll all have forgotten about in a few months.