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Open Thread & Poll: Have your say on Sherwood

Let us know your true feelings on Aston Villa and their once manager, Tim Sherwood.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Tim Sherwood was certainly a divisive figure during his time at Aston Villa and this may have not come as a surprise, following many a warning from Tottenham fans about his general demeanour whilst he was in charge of the Spurs.

With Sherwood being sacked after yesterday's disappointing loss to Swansea City, at least 50% of Aston Villa fans will be still be unhappy - perhaps feeling that Sherwood wasn't given enough time to really get to grips with the task he faced at Villa. Furthermore, many fans will point fingers at the management of the Club in general rather than blame Sherwood for Villa's terrible start to the season.

The other side of the coin is that another set of fans exist that simply can't forgive Tim for his tactical naivety and general unwillingness to 'stick to his guns'. The team changed every game whilst he continued to make and allow the same mistakes, every game.

So, what side are you on? Was Sherwood to blame? Will Lerner finally learn that Villa need a big change? There's a poll and a comment section below. Let your voice be heard.