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Aston Villa won't be bad forever


Clint Hughes/Getty Images

I sat staring at my computer screen for over an hour thinking of something to write. Trying to find anything to say about this club is pretty difficult right now. I'm not even sure if any of the next couple paragraphs are going to be coherent. What I keep coming back to is this: things aren't going to be bad forever.

I don't even mean that in a "things are going to turn around" sense. They might not. Aston Villa could very easily get relegated this season. And after that, they could absolutely find themselves stuck in the Championship for multiple seasons. That is a very real scenario.

I guess what I mean is that things aren't going to be bad forever. Aston Villa are not going to suffer four straight relegations and end up in the the National League. If they do, the club's finances would probably be in rough shape and we would have some bigger problems on our hands. Villa are eventually going to stop losing every match. We are going to win again.

Something in Tim Sherwood's head may click and he may turn us around. He may get sacked, possibly soon. Someone else may be brought in and they could save the club from relegation and get things back on track. Someone else may be brought in and we may be doomed anyway. Anyone else's guess is as good as mine right now.

Someday, it won't be a chore to support Aston Villa. Unfortunately, those days may be in the Championship. I don't think we can hide from that possibility. Hopefully, it will come before that scenario happens.

I don't know when things won't be bad, but I know this won't last forever. And another match is always right around the corner. And who knows. That may be the start of something good. We can always hope.