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Aston Villa may turn to Manchester United outcast to end turmoil

Tim Sherwood is still firmly entrenched as Aston Villa's manager, but that won't stop the papers from speculating about his replacement.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Let's get one thing clear right at the outset here: Tim Sherwood is still Aston Villa's manager and despite rumblings that it may change soon, there's no point in putting too much into speculation about his replacement. Are we clear on that?

Alright, with that in mind it's worth remembering that no amount of rational thought will prevent the English press from speculating on managerial changes. And the latest rumour is that Aston Villa are considering Everton hero and Manchester United pariah David Moyes as their Sherwood replacement. Moyes, you may remember, had eleven largely successful years at Everton before taking over in the wake of Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement from United.

That was a position in which nobody would succeed, but Moyes' tactics and style failed to translate to the players at Old Trafford and his handling of the situation did nothing to endear himself to fans. By United standards his team in the 2013-14 season was a miserable failure, finishing only 7th and it's easy to understand why he was let go.

But don't let that fool you. Villa aren't even remotely comparable to United, and if there is a decent gauge of what Moyes could do at Villa it's his time at Everton. His clubs were a bit uneven, but they were unquestionably stable and that's something that Villa could use right now. Certainly he didn't achieve any real firm successes with Everton and the lack of silverware in eleven season is concerning, but Villa aren't in a position to be demanding much more than what Moyes did.

There's a problem though: Moyes is currently managing Real Sociedad. While it seems logical that he would jump at the opportunity to get back into managing in England, there would be contractual issues that could complicate matters.

It's not clear that Moyes would be the best choice, but he certainly wouldn't be a disaster for Villa (at least on paper). But again, it's pretty pointless to speculate about this issue right now. Here's the process as it stands. Moyes will become Villa's manager

IF Tim Sherwood is sacked AND
IF Aston Villa are interested in him AND
IF Aston Villa can make a good offer AND
IF Real Sociedad can be convinced to let him go AND
IF Villa and Moyes can come to an agreement

That's a lot of ifs. Feel free to think about it, but don't spend too much time on the issue.

For my part, I hope that Villa get Moyes so that I can do endless articles playing on the fact that he's a David Bowie lookalike. First salvo if this happens: David Moyes sends Major Tim floating in a most peculiar way.

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