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With Rodgers available, is time up for Sherwood at Aston Villa?

With no better direction for the former Liverpool boss to go in, will Rodgers be too tantalising to miss out on for the Villa board?

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Things change quickly in the world. Seasons fly by before we get a chance to settle down and prepare to enjoy them. Dynamic events effect every single thing we choose to do with our lives. We may get fired, have a child - things change without a chance to prepare, but will effect the course of our future.

Tim Sherwood might be feeling this right now, as his own role at Villa Park is under threat by an event he simply could do nothing about. Tim Sherwood could not do a thing to stop Brendan Rodgers becoming available & should the rumours be true - his days are numbered. Likely because the chance to have a top coach in charge of Aston Villa may be too much to resist for Tom Fox and Randy Lerner.

In a weird twist of fate - Rodgers could have very well ended up being the Aston Villa manager in the merry-go-round that saw Roberto Martinez being courted by Liverpool. With the Aston Villa & Liverpool roles up for grabs, should Martinez have taken the Liverpool role: we could have seen Lambert at Swansea and Rodgers at Villa! These events work in mysterious ways, but time seems to constantly go back on itself and inject the future with familiarity.

Brendan Rodgers earned his way to the top with string of successes in roles at Chelsea and Swansea based on his knowledge of continental coaching methods. Sherwood on the other hand, has pretty much 'found' himself in charge of Aston Villa. I would feel a lot more comfortable with Rodgers at the helm of Aston Villa FC, but Sherwood has a dynamism that I personally enjoy - even if it might not be the best thing for the future.

Sherwood, four years older than Rodgers, doesn't seem to have the managerial knowledge or know-how that Rodgers has employed. Villa can only benefit from Brendan Rodgers and it might just be the best thing for Aston Villa to bite the bullet on Tim Sherwood and cut ties with him. We don't know what we have with Tim and it might be for the best that he learns somewhere else, but one can't help but think that Sherwood has earned a fair crack of the whip at Villa.

As an Aston Villa (and Sherwood) fan, I do feel as this really unfair on Sherwood who has only been in the managerial spotlight for a short while and hasn't had the time to get to grips with Aston Villa. Life, unfortunately is not fair; Sherwood might be realising this now as he attempts to make pigs fly and get a morale-stricken Aston Villa off the foot of the 17 other Premier League clubs above them right now. It won't happen overnight and this might simply be too much for Tim Sherwood to handle at this stage in his career. However, if he can do this: he can do anything. Aston Villa are in a very mouldable shape right now, and would be a challenge ripe for someone like Rodgers. Either way, whatever choice is made - it is win-win for an Aston Villa team who might be on the brink of explosive forward movement under a revitalised Tim Sherwood or a complete positive overhaul under Brendan Rodgers.

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