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How can Aston Villa get their second league win against Stoke?

Jack and Robert are back after yet another loss.

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

It's been nearly two months since Aston Villa last won a match in the Premier League, and aside from a late-August draw against Sunderland, it's been all losing in the meantime. And if you're Tim Sherwood, you might be starting to worry about your job at least a little bit. This weekend Villa host Stoke in their last match before a brutal run through October and November.

So what can the club do to right the ship? Does a win this weekend against Stoke before the international break allow us all to take a deep breath and stop worrying, or is it just plugging a hole in a dam that's riddled with them?

Jack and Robert dive into that and more, including your twitter questions, on this weeks episode of the Holtecast!

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