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"Don't worry, you are even more important than Aston Villa"

This Aston Villa-themed wedding is simply amazing.

Kidd and Destiny, two Chinese Aston Villa fans, had themselves an Aston Villa-themed wedding and it was... either amazing or horrifying. I'm not sure which. They had what seems like a quasi-traditional ceremony, but with a lot of Aston Villa touches. For instance, the decorations on the front of the car in which they would drive away to their happily ever after:

Lion Car Wedding

Or their cake-topper, which I sort of kind of want:

LEGO Villa cake topper

And then some less-than-tradition bits of the wedding. Like the wedding party being dressed in a rag-tag assortment of Aston Villa kits:

Villa kits at a wedding

Methinks the Mr. & Mrs. So have a better chance of seeing the pitch in claret and blue than any of the other players there (and yes, I AM counting Gardner).

They even had an official-looking team sheet for the reception:

Wedding team sheet

And perhaps the best part was the well-wishes video from the team, including Ron Vlaar:

Vlaar breaks wedding

There is no truth to the rumour that the entire wedding party broke their knees immediately after seeing that video.

If you'd like to watch the whole thing (and aside from terrible, cheesy music you should) here it is in all of its incandescent glory:

I was going to close with a bunch of Aston Villa jokes about the fact that they should never set goals as a couple because they'd never get them, but instead let's just wish the best to Kidd and Destiny. Good luck in your new life together!