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Aston Villa gifted 3+ weeks of Scott Sinclair's wages

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

The European Club Association, an association of European football clubs, have brokered a deal with FIFA that allots part of the money from the World Cup directly to clubs based on any players they had that played. That means, thanks to World Cup attendance and performance, Brad Guzan, Ron Vlaar, and Philippe Senderos all earned Aston Villa some money. Unfortunately, Carlos Sánchez came along after the Cup so we don't get his sum. Well, the ECA has released their report of who got what money.

I was alerted to this story by The Siren Song, who noticed that Napoli had gotten more than €900,000. That's a nice chunk of change! So I eagerly sped over to the report, breathlessly waiting to see if we had enough to get a shiny new player in the window and, well...

Villa ECA Money

Oh hey, nearly a quarter of a million pounds! Oh wait...

ECA Dollars

Oh. So £154,000 then? Well. There goes the dream of a shiny new player. But on the bright side, that's three weeks of Scott Sinclair's wages! BRING ON THE BIG SIGNINGS.

If you want to look at the rest of the figures, you can find them here. Chelsea topped the English clubs with more than £800,000. And West Bromwich Albion got less than Villa. So at least there is that justice.