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Save the date - Villa's clash with Bournemouth confirmed.

AVFC will face 'The Cherries' on the 25th of January at Villa Park.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Villa's display against Blackpool in the third round of the F.A Cup has earned them a fourth round home tie against Bournemouth. According to the official Villa site, 'The Cherries' will visit Villa Park on the 25th of January in what should be quite an exciting match - Bournemouth will want to test Aston Villa and Villa will look to progress to the heights of the Fifth Round, where they could start to mount a serious challenge for silverware.

Even though they are a division below AVFC, Bournemouth aren't a side to ignore. Eddie Howe's men have had a good run in the championship and should be considered equal in quality to some of the lower place Premier League teams and Villa's recent form hasn't been that great with such teams. Expect a replay or another close win for either teams. Ideally Bournemouth will try and run at Villa, which will work in Paul Lambert's benefit as his new passing style will be able to unlock around attacking sides, but I'd expect Eddie Howe to be a bit more reserved than that.

The match will not be televised, so keep an eye out for radio stations or get down to the match (If you can!). This could either be the start, or end, of something special for Villa.