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FA Cup draw 2015: How to follow the fourth round online

The FA Cup fourth round draw is set for Monday January 5 at 7:35 PM England time. Here's how you can follow along online.

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The FA Cup is still in the throes of the third round and will be until Tuesday, but the FA is already looking to set the matchups for the fourth round. That's why we'll have the draw on Monday night (January 5) at 7:35 PM England time. 32 teams will advance to the fourth round, though there will be a number of ____ or ____ draws, due to uncompleted games and replays still yet to be played.

For Aston Villa fans, we shockingly get to care about a cup draw thanks to Christian Benteke's late goal against Blackpool. And there exists the possibility (a 1-in-31 chance) that we could see our first match against Birmingham City since 2011. We could also see a derby against West Bromwich Albion. Additionally, some League One and lower sides remain, so Villa fans could hope for an easy (ha!) path into the fifth round.

If you want to follow along, here's the info you need. The draw will take place immediately before the Wimbledon-Liverpool match.

How to Follow the Fourth Round Draw

Twitter: This is probably the easiest way to follow along. The go-to account is, of course, that of the FA.

Live text: The BBC will have live-text updates of the draw. While their story is not yet up, you can bookmark their FA Cup page.

Video: If you're in England, BBC1 will be carry the draw live, and you can watch there.


Who do you hope to see Villa draw for the fourth round? Let us know in the comments!

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