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Aston Villa annouce Delph contract extension

Before today's F.A Cup clash with AFC Bournemouth Aston Villa annouced that Fabian Delph is extending his stay in Birmingham

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Aston Villa have today announced the contract extension of Fabian Delph in a rather unique way, by generating hype on Twitter and pre-match on the Villa Park stadium screens.

Fabian was linked to small money moves to clubs such as Liverpool and Tottenham, but this contract extension means that if Delph moves, he can actually move for the money he is worth.

The fact that this was hyped so much by Villa shows that the club are desperate to renew a 'feel good attitude' around the stadium and online, especially with their diabolical goalscoring record this season. The fact that Delph is clearly a fan favourite shows that the Villa media team are finally becoming tapped in to the fans.

Delph's new contract runs until 2019, meaning that Aston Villa don't have to worry about losing him on the cheap for another three years, with four more years of possible play. Excellent news and a move in the right direction for Aston Villa.