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Report: Liverpool, Tottenham target Delph might be sold

England international Fabian Delph's contract is up at Aston Villa in June and the Claret and Blues are said to have acquiesced to a cut-rate deal to get something for him.

Clive Mason/Getty Images

The Mirror have reported that Villa are willing to sell midfielder Fabian Delph this window but only if they receive a bid of £4 million, with Liverpool or Tottenham said to be interested.

I go back and forth on this one, myself. I've about given up hope on signing Fabian to a contract extension so I've resigned myself to the fact that he's leaving at the end of the year. From that standpoint, it makes sense to get something for him so that Villa can get a replacement in without completely losing out.

But if Villa don't have that replacement lined up and ready to go, I'm not sure going the rest of the year without Delph is a risk that I want to take. Paul Lambert has shown that £4 million can buy some quality for the club and if another player the calibre of Carlos Sanchez was to come in, I think most Villans would be pleased with the bit of business.

However, it appears that the article has suggested that Villa would not have a replacement lined up, instead feeling that Delph can leave with the addition of Gil.

Both Spurs and Liverpool will feel a sense of urgency at this stage in their respective campaigns and that combined with a potential bidding war could see Villa come out winners in the negotiations. That said, Spurs are perhaps unwilling to meet Delph's £60,000-per-week wage demands, leaving a potential move in jeopardy.

The reported wage demands make it pretty easy to see why Villa and Delph are likely parting ways some time in the next six months, with Randy Lerner surely not willing to open the door any further for wage increases, especially if Liverpool are willing to meet his demands. It should be asked though if it would behoove Villa more to keep Delph, even if it means sacrificing depth at other positions.

Regardless, it appears that Villa's midfield maestro will be gone at some point in the near future; should the club take some money and run or hold on to him to ensure the club don't drop into the Championship?