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Jack joins ATP Radio to talk about Villa

Jack went on Across the Pond Radio to chat about Aston Villa.

Every week, Robert and I record the Holtecast, our podcast focused on Aston Villa. However, we also have friends that do their own podcasts. Across the Pond, an EPL focused show, is one of these such podcasts. This week, I joined them talking about Aston Villa, and to endure the ridicule of some of their hosts that happen to be Liverpool fans. We talked about the state of Villa lately, what type of transfer targets that I would like to see at the club and the similarities between Villa and Newcastle.

Like us, they are available on Stitcher Radio and iTunes, but you can also find them on Soundcloud. Here's this week's episode:

Hope you enjoyed the show, and make sure to subscribe. Remember you can find them on Twitter: @ATPradio.

Get a chance to listen to the whole episode? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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