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Villa boss rejects Bent claims

Paul Lambert dismisses Bent's 'grudge claims'

Scott Heavey/Getty Images

Earlier in January, when Paul Lambert sent Darren Bent on his second loan move of the season (his third in two years), Bent hit out at the Villa boss stating that there was a "grudge" and it "was personal". Today, as reported by the Express, Paul Lambert has hit out at those claims defending his corner whilst maintaining that there was nothing personal behind the loan moves.

"I think Darren has got to be honest with himself. If you ask anyone here, or any of his team-mates, they would tell you, it's nothing personal."

Lambert also got his claws out by stating that no Premier League team ever enquired about Bent and that it only ever seemed like Championship level teams where interested in Villa's record signing.

"The only clubs that came in for him were Championship clubs - not one Premier League club. That says a lot, so it was never personal."

If Darren Bent has a lot to say, expect more to come out on the expiration of his Villa contract this summer. It appears that his career as Premier League player is well and truly over and it is a shame that it had to end in such a manner.