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Bent's permanent move to Derby begins a busy January for Villa

Darren Bent is now set to close his Aston Villa career at Derby County in the Championship, and Villa are set for a busy January.

It'll be a different face, but we could see a lot of this during January.
It'll be a different face, but we could see a lot of this during January.
Scott Heavey/Getty Images

James was on the rumour earlier today, but now it's official: the rest of Darren Bent's career with Aston Villa will not be with Aston Villa:

Alright, that's done. To be honest, I had just sort of assumed he'd finish out the year at Brighton and Hove Albion. I'd already written him off, and this doesn't really change anything.

But since we're only a day past welcoming 2015 with an arbitrary holiday, let's have another meaningless moment: this is the beginning of what could be a very busy January for Aston Villa. Bent is gone, and I think we all assumed that would happen. Plenty of questions still remain, though. What will happen to Ron Vlaar? He seemed almost certain to go, but injuries to Nathan Baker and Philippe Senderos meant that he was needed for depth. And then an injury he sustained against Crystal Palace means that he may not be wanted anywhere anymore (can you imagine Manchester United trying to plug the holes left by injuries with Ron Vlaar? Even with as much money as they have, that would be stupid).

And what about Fabian Delph? Last we heard, he was connected to Tottenham, but heavens only knows if there's anything to that. Plus we've got the issue of what Villa will add. A winger would be nice. Someone who knows how to score would be lovely. And then we have to figure out if the centre back injuries will continue, or if it's safe to not buy another defender.

So there's a lot that could potentially happen in the next few weeks, and the Darren Bent move is the first thing we get. It should be fun, frankly. At least more fun than anything we've watched on the pitch this season. If you want to stay up with all of the latest transfer news and rumours, we'll be collecting them all in our hub. So if that's all you care about, bookmark that page and check it every day.