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Carles Gil's Top 3 Debut Moments against Liverpool (GIFs)

Debuts are always tricky and Villa fans were prepared to give Carles Gil a little time to bed in. Well judging by these clips, perhaps he didn't need it....

Clive Mason/Getty Images

OK so we lost again and we didn't score. But I came away from that game feeling happier about the performance than I have for weeks and a lot of it had to do with Carles Gil. From the moment he came on with Andi Weimann, he was everywhere, linking the play, making runs, showing for the ball. This was the best debut I've seen since Tony Moon but I have a feeling this one might stick.

So here are the top three moments of Carles Gil's debut. Welcome Carles and thank God you came.

Moment No. 1 - Where he just ghosted past a Liverpool player like he didn't exist, plays a one-two and almost scored, about 2 minutes after he came on.

Moment No. 2 - Where he left Philippe Coutinho looking like an idiot on the floor.

Moment No. 3 - Where he just brought the ball down from space on a backheel and laid it off like it was nothing. Cool personified. Shades of Bergkamp here.

So, anyone excited yet? Yeah this was one performance but if we're going to see this kind of performance every week, we're in a much better shape than we were before.

Every single player in the Villa attack looked more energised playing with Gil on the pitch. Andi looked alive for the first time in weeks. Benteke actually clapped another Villa player for his efforts. Aly Cissokho looked less like the loneliest man in the world on the left wing.

With this we might not be the most boring side in the world anymore and Villans have something to cheer because there's entertainment on the pitch. And that's all we ever really wanted.