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Liverpool returning to health in time for Villa clash

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Liverpool look set to see the returns of Steven Gerrard, Adam Lallana, and Raheem Sterling in time for Saturday's match against Aston Villa. Because that's just what Villa need: a returning-to-health Liverpool squad coming in at a time when Paul Lambert's squad could not be playing worse. Gerrard was pulled halfway through last weekend's match with a tight hamstring (he's part of the Joe Cole club, where the motto is: "10 hamstring strains and the 11th is free!"). Given that he has been a weak link for LFC the last two times these clubs have met, it might actually be good news for Villa that he's ready to go.

Lallana is returning from a thigh injury suffered on New Year's Day, and is certain to be back for next weekend's match against Chelsea. But Brendan Rodgers didn't rule out the possibility that he'd play this weekend. My best guess from trying to read between this lines is that he'll get to start on the bench.

And Raheem Sterling is coming back from a winter rest that was authorized by the club. Given the problems that Liverpool have had scoring goals this year (oh to see 29 goals as a problem), he'll almost certainly be given a start. But regardless of what happens, this was always going to be a tough match for Villa. At least we've got some idea of who they might be lining up against tomorrow.