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#WeWantOurVillaBack : An Alternative Protest

Here's an alternative to walking out for the first eight minutes against Liverpool

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Inspired by this, but maybe in fact, by the comments on that article.

I'll preface this fanpost by stating one thing: Villa are not a badly run club.

I've no need to explain why I've said that, but if you're interested, google such things as 'Lerner sale, Vincent Tan, Mike Ashley, NYCFC, Frank Lampard'.

Now, there are a few ideas for a protest and I'm split on that. The protest as arranged by blogs such as TVB, AVF and MOMS calls for Holte Enders to sit or stand in the concourse until the 8th minute and then to fully back the club in the coming match against Liverpool.

NAY! I say.

If you want to 'protest', go for it. You've already bought a ticket, the business side of your partnership with Villa is fulfilled. An actual protest would involve you going home and not talking about the match until it's on MOTD. If you're gonna protest, do it properly. Don't buy a ticket, don't go, don't speak about the club. Organise a march or whatever. Sitting out until the 8th minute.. will just Liverpool fans more voice. And we don't want that!

Here's what I propose, should you find yourself standing in the Holte End come the match against Liverpool.

  • Don't go out at the 8th minute.
  • Don't boo any Villa player, for any reason
  • Boo every single touch by a Liverpool player
  • Scream at every Villa touch
  • Applaud every Villa movement
  • Sing when it's quiet
  • Don't call for the manager's head, It's out of your hands
  • Wave every single flag you can get your hands on.

Rinse and repeat. YOU can make a difference, but not about how quick Lerner can wash his hands of the club or how quickly Lambert get's sacked. You can put the opposition off and sing your bloody hearts and inspired Villa to a victory. You're not the 'day trippers' of Old Trafford, you're not the Prawn sandwich brigade, you're not a bluenose nor a baggie. You're a Villa fan. Support the Villa always or move on to Walsall.