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€4 million move for Valencia midfielder may be a done deal

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

Twitter has started blowing up about the rumoured Carles Gil move from Valencia to Aston Villa being a done deal. And unlike what normally happens in this type of situation, the source of the hubbub is actually some credible Spanish reporters. The news seems to have started with José Manuel Segarra, who reports regularly on Valencia:

Roughly translated, that reads: "VCF [Valencia] and Aston Villa have agreed to a Carles Gil transfer. The player travels to England tomorrow." This was then picked up by Petter Veland, who works for CMore and does studio stuff for La Liga:

And now Guillem Balague of Sky Sports is confirming the move as well:

So that's where this rumour is coming from, in case you're wondering. There are a few other trustworthy Spanish sources reporting this, and when combined with what we heard earlier in the week, I'm inclined to think that the deal may actually be done. If all of this is correct, Villa will be spending just about £3.15 million to get Gil's services. That's not a bad price considering his potential, and it's a nice drop from the nearly £4 million we heard earlier in the week. Of course, as with all rumours, don't totally buy in until it's officially announced, but cautious optimism is probably okay.

If you want to read a bit more about Gil, I looked into him a bit. He was described in one sentence as a "tricky little guy with the ball at his feet, pretty solid passer." Certainly could be a help to a Villa offense that couldn't create a thing against Leicester City over the weekend.