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Instant reaction: Aston Villa cure insomnia in 0-0 draw with Crystal Palace

Andi looks like a dolphin doing a trick and that is why I chose this picture.
Andi looks like a dolphin doing a trick and that is why I chose this picture.
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Aston Villa and Crystal Palace battled (?) to a 0-0 draw that was actually more boring than Villa's goalless affair with Sunderland a couple of days ago. I... I'm actually struggling to come up with anything coherent to say about this, so I'm going to lean on every writers favorite crutch: bullet points!

  • Carlos Sanchez should be singled out before this goes much further. He looked great today and was unquestionably Villa's best player on the pitch. The fact that he is settling in and making himself useful makes me less worried about potentially losing Fabian Delph this month.
  • Brad Guzan had a good day stopping shots. But dear god, his distribution is becoming worrisome. I'm willing to let it slide though. If he were good at that, too, he'd be possibly top-10 in the world and there'd be no way Villa would keep him.
  • Ron Vlaar is injured again. Villa didn't score. Andi Weimann looked useless. Gabby Agbonlahor's first touch is terrible. Ciaran Clark looked pretty good. I'm just using this as the bullet point for stuff you'd know even if you didn't read this or watch the match.
  • The opening few minutes actually looked really good. From the kick off, Villa built up a chance that culminated in a Benteke shot. Things kept up a bit after that and then suddenly the team disappeared. It was really weird and I don't know what to say about it.
  • There was a glorious moment in which Aly Cissokho crossed to Alan Hutton who put in a beautiful shot that was saved only by a great effort by Julian Speroni. Pretty sure a Cissokho-to-Hutton goal would have broken all of us.
  • In related news: I really still like Hutton. Decent defending, and he's got a surprising burst of speed every now and again.
  • The main takeaway today: if you stayed awake for all 90 minutes, please see a therapist and figure out why you hate yourself. I've got my appointment booked already!