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Chelsea eyeing up Jack Grealish?

With Jack Grealish out of contract at the end of the summer, are Chelsea looking to make a move for him?

Stu Forster

One of the most exciting things of this young season has been the emergence of Jack Grealish. And while Grealish hasn't played outstandingly, he certainly hasn't disappointed, showing flashes of just why he's so highly-rated. So highly-rated in fact that Chelsea might be after him.

The Daily Star reports that Chelsea have long admired Aston Villa's young winger and will be looking to make a move for him when his contract expires in the summer. Villa have held contract talks with Grealish already, but no deal has been made and the deal is still on track to expire sooner rather than later.

Before we panic too much, here are some things to remember: It's the Daily Star. Also, for whatever it's worth, Grealish grew up a Villa fan. And hopefully he's smart enough to realize that he probably wouldn't break into the Chelsea first team anytime soon, while he already has with Villa. And if the experts are to be believed, he has the talent and potential to earn himself a bigger payday with a move to one of the bigger sides someday in the future. Going now very well might stall his career.

Just sign him to a new deal, Villa.