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Villa's Delph makes international debut: Play-by-play

Wahey! Villa have an England international! Fabian Delph won his first cap, coming on in the 69th minute and certainly didn't look out of place.

Ian Walton

Fabian Delph replaced Jack Wilshere to make his well deserved England debut in front of a half full Wembley.

Little happened in the first half. Rooney put England ahead in the 68th minute after Norway's poor tackling in the box finally cost them, conceding a penalty. It was in this break that Hodgson put Delph on along with the first of the England subs. Wilshere played fairly well in the first half in the same position, but lost his influence in the second half.

Generally speaking Delph added a bit of a spark to the midfield for the final half hour, but wasn't involved in anything too exciting.

Delph watch: Play by Play

  • Delph first touched the ball in the 71st minute, making an interception and passing on to Baines.
  • He played a role in the build up for Welbeck's shot that was well saved a minute later. Another interception and a pass back to the keeper helped break up another Norway attack in the 74th.
  • In the 75th he got into a great position in the box, Welbeck squared and it was JUST in front of him! So close to a debut goal.
  • Playing some neat touches in midfield and looking to get forward, Delph was biding his time. He motored forward in the 77th minute, playing Welbeck in down the left and taking up an attacking central position, but didn't get the return pass.
  • Trading quick passes with other midfielders in the 79th minute, he played a nice ball out to the left for Baines, but the Everton left back's cross was poor.
  • He made another run down the center in the 81st minute hoping to receive the ball, but Welbeck's flick was poor.
  • He first gave the ball away with a slightly short pass to Henderson in the 82nd minute, but promptly won it back on the edge of the box. "Fabian Delph's made a good start to international football" says the commentator.
  • Another strong run off the ball in the 84th minute was wasted as Sturridge went right when he should have gone left.
  • In the 85th minute he was playmaking as the pivot in midfield, keeping play ticking over.
  • England had a great chance on the counter in the 88th, which Delph kept up with, but Milner received the ball from Sterling and the shot was blocked.
  • He did well to bring a loose ball down in midfield in the 90th minute and kept play ticking over as the game petered out.

Feel free to check out the BBC live feed, who also had plenty of praise for Delph's cameo.

Verdict: 7/10. Decent debut but not too much to shout about, as very little happened in the last half hour. Not much more he could have done, but don't expect him to start against Switzerland.

By the way, if any other clubs are watching, Fabian Delph is not for sale. You should trust my judgement on this as I said the same thing about Vlaar all summer.