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Where does your fantasy team need to improve?

Despite the transfer window closing on Monday, you can still make changes to your Fantasy Premier League team.

Now available at your nearest FPL retailer!
Now available at your nearest FPL retailer!
Michael Regan

Three weeks into the fantasy football season, everyone's leagues are still wide open. No matter how good (or bad) of a start you have made, there is still plenty of time for your fortunes to be reversed. That being said, now is a crucial time to tweak your team in order to move up the league table.

We all know that many teams across Europe strengthened their sides by bringing in new players just before the transfer window closed, and some of these players are now available for selection in FPL. Players like Ramadel Falcao and Angel di Maria (both Manchester United, £11M and £9.5M respectively) and Abel Hernández (Hull City, £7M) are flashy new signings both in real life and in the game. Sometimes they can be just what your team needs, but you want to make sure you avoid overspending. This week, we are going to look at forwards and what is the way to spend your money most wisely at that slot.

How to spend:

First and foremost, decide what formation you are going to go with. If you go with, say, a 4-4-2, you can afford to spend big on two great strikers. Picking a 4-3-3 would allow you to possibly buy some more expensive midfielders (say Yaya Touré, Manchester City, £10.9M) but you may need to buy cheaper options at the forward position.

Like I talked about last week, having strikers from Manchester City can be a guessing game as they have a stable of reliable options in Sergio Agüero, Edin Džeko, and Stevan Jovetić. While this is excellent as it allows their forwards to stay fresh in Premier League, Champions League, and domestic cup play, all you should care about is the Premier League. With a rotation system, you don't necessarily know who is going to be getting the league starts week in and week out, so even though all of these strikers would be able to win the Golden Boot if they played nearly every EPL match, none of them will play even close to that many matches. For this reason, it is still best to avoid strikers from Manchester City.

Across the city, the addition of Falcao has brought some hope back to dejected Manchester United fans after a horrible start to the season. Wayne Rooney (£10.5M) and Robin van Persie (£12.5M) are two of the other most expensive strikers in the division. If one of them can earn van Gaal's trust and become the main man in the system, look to pick up that player.

Aston Villa's own Andi Weimann (£5.6M) is currently in the "Dream Team" with 22 points, just behind Steven Naismith (Everton, £5.3M) and Diego Costa (Chelsea, £10.6M), however you shouldn't look to add the Austrian just yet. With the returns of Christian Benteke and Libor Kozák coming soon, Weimann may not get as much playing time in the central role he is currently deployed in. If you already have him, keep him, but be wary once these centre forwards return from injury.

Last but not least, make sure to clear any players out of your squad that have been transferred to other leagues. You won't get any points for someone playing in Italy.

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