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Boor-inho: Chelsea manager deservedly snubbed by Lambert

Jose Mourinho decided he didn't need to see the end of Chelsea beating Aston Villa 3-0, and Paul Lambert and Roy Keane were less than pleased.

You may shake my hand, peasants.
You may shake my hand, peasants.
Ian Walton

When I try to convince people to give football a try, one of my selling points is that, barring a format with extra time, you know you'll be done with a match in just a shade under two hours. That's a reasonable time to expect any adult to pay attention to something.

Unfortunately, Jose Mourinho is more like a child than an adult, because he couldn't stand the thought of seeing out the last few seconds of Chelsea beating Aston Villa this weekend. With time left on the clock, the Chosen One decided to call it a day and head into the tunnel. But he's not a total jerk, he's a bit of a gentleman too. So he offered to shake hands with Paul Lambert and Roy Keane, who were still watching, well, you know, THE MATCH THAT WAS GOING ON STILL. The result is perfect:

Lambert points at his watch and snubs Jose, so the Chelsea manager decides to move on. Unfortunately, he chooses perhaps the worst person in the world to get some friendliness from. Roy Keane is having none of it.

Let's just go ahead and start referring to Jose as the Early One now. The best part is that he probably has no idea why anyone is upset by his arrogant ways:


He's just being his usual affable self, guys! Screw off, Jose.