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Okore, Cole, and Benteke all feature in Villa U21 match

Aston Villa put out a lethal side in their U21 match against Bolton today, one that featured Joe Cole, Jores Okore, and Christian Benteke.

Cooper Neill

First off, let's just start with a senior-level teamsheet:

Wait, what's that? It's a U21 match? Oh, poor poor Bolton. Jores Okore, Joe Cole, AND Christian Benteke? All back from injuries and trying to get ready to be senior starters?

And what's more, all three players contributed a lot. We had Benteke opening up scoring:

Okore trying to add on:

And Cole succeeding at making it 2-0:

That's not a bad day at the park. Heck, we haven't even mentioned the Jack Grealish factor, but only because his presence in the team wasn't surprising at all. Not to say he wasn't doing his best:

Villa look to be getting back to full health, and that's a very good thing. This team isn't as bad as they have been the past few years, and if they're healthy, they could very easily be a top-half club. We may not see everyone for this weekend's Manchester City match, but there's an international break after that and two weeks until we play Everton. Suddenly the potential exists for a very intimidating Villa squad to make the trip to Goodison.

I am more excited about this club than I have been in quite a while.