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Villa's Benteke scores in first match back, everyone rejoice!

Christian Benteke is playing in his first competitive match since April, and he's already gotten a goal.

Stu Forster

Christian Benteke ruptured his Achilles tendon in April, and many thought we might not see the Belgian striker return to senior-level play until after Boxing Day. But apparently that timeline is about to be shattered, as Benteke played 63 minutes in Aston Villa's U21 match against Bolton today. And as if that weren't encouraging enough, this happened:

After two 3-0 losses in a row to put a damper on a bright start to the season, I imagine that most of you would agree: there is almost literally no better tweet to see today. Sure, it was a penalty and not from open play, but Benteke is back to banging them in.

And by all accounts, he played very well throughout the entire match. At one point he apparently set up Jores Okore for a great chance that the defender just missed on. Yes, it's a U21 match, but shut up. I want to enjoy the idea that Benteke is back and healthy.

His playing today bodes well for seeing Benteke soon, too. Maybe not this weekend, though I certainly wouldn't rule out an appearance as a second-half sub, but certainly by the Everton match.